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About The Stevensville Civic Club

What we do

Stevensville's Creamery Picnic is an event organized by the Stevensville Civic Club. Organized in 1948, the club is a non-profit organization that carries a focus on the people of our community, projects that improve the place we live, and partnerships with our neighbors and community organizations.

Creamery Picnic supports the mission of Civic Club in many ways: Providing an opportunity to celebrate our people and heritage and funding the many projects that the Club takes on annually, many of which happen because of the strong partnerships that Civic Club has built in the community. 

Some of those project are listed here:

Annual Events:

  • Host the Annual 4th of July Pignic with our firefighters

  • Christmas Festival and Parade of Lights First Friday, December

  • Creamery Picnic, Since 1952

  • Co-Sponsor with the Town of Stevensville for the Annual Clean-Up Day

  • Sponsor the Culpepper & Merriweather Combined Circus in Stevensville (every 2 years)

Community Support and Funding for:

  • Trout Spout Splash Pad in Lewis & Clark Park

  • Grants and Volunteers to Build the River Trail

  • Benches on Main Street

  • Commissioned Study of Local Historic Homes

  • Walkable Communities Project which resulted in extending to River Trail to Highway 93.

  • Main Street Association

  • Memorial Trees along the Cutoff Rd. path

  • New pavilions at Lewis & Clark Park

  • Established the Creamery Garden Park, now owned by the Town of Stevensville

  • Years of working with MDT to develop our stretch of Highway 93

  • Built and maintain the roadside information kiosks on Highway 93

  • Convinced the Town Council to keep land for a quiet use River Park

  • $7500 to Bear Mountain Playground

  • $1000 for the skate park

  • New Christmas Lights for Main Street as needed

  • Money for new soccer fields

Total funds raised through the years adds to over $1,000,000 for local projects!

Of course, none of this would be possible without our many volunteers and financial supporters! We owe many thanks to them!

Find out more about us, or even join us, at !

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